Grief With Grace

54. The Power Of the Pause

May 25, 2021 Lori Latimer Episode 54
Grief With Grace
54. The Power Of the Pause
Show Notes

Tender days… milestones in your life or the life of your child or other loved ones in Spirit can be an opportunity for reflection. In this episode, I reflect back on how my life has changed since my son, Greg’s, high school graduation day (13 years ago on the date of this recording). I also share some upcoming changes I’m making in my life in about three months, and how God/Spirit/the Universe validated the choice I’m making a few days ago. It’s fascinating to watch these things happen when we’re awake and tuned into the magic of life!

In this episode, I share:

  • The “pause” that assisted me in shifting my life when I left my marriage in 2008
  • How the world narrative shapes us
  • How women are conditioned to ignore their inner knowing (men are as well!)
  • What all of the “doing” has done to our society and how it has disconnected us from ourselves and from our Souls
  • What we can do to reconnect to our Soul
  • What happened - and what I found - when I became comfortable in the stillness
  • What will you do to pause this week?

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