Grief With Grace

61. Tricia Dycka On How Being An Empath Changed & Saved Her Life

July 06, 2021 Lori Latimer Episode 61
Grief With Grace
61. Tricia Dycka On How Being An Empath Changed & Saved Her Life
Show Notes

Today’s guest is another amazing woman I connected with over a decade ago through social media. Tricia Dycka has been an amazing friend on my journey, and she’s an incredible coach to empaths. So many women have their empathic and intuitive gifts open up after trauma or loss. In this episode (with an all new intro!), we chat about:

  • What being an empath means to Tricia
  • The experience she had physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually that woke her up to the fact that she’s an empath
  • What empaths hold onto - and how it affects them
  • When she “heard” a coworker’s emotions
  • How she started to learn to use her own energy
  • How not being grounded affects our ability to connect with our Higher Self and our loved ones in Spirit
  • How Tricia created a way to ground herself in the Earth even if you aren’t able to go outside
  • The difference between a Highly Sensitive Person and an Empath - and the similarities between them
  • Something easy an empath can do if you find yourself in an overwhelming situation out in public
  • Why “protection bubbles” don’t work - and what to do instead
  • What happens when people give away their power to the self-proclaimed “gurus” and how it affects our healing
  • The importance of trusting ourselves and our intuition
  • Some of the traits and characteristics of being an empath
  • How being an empath and listening to her body helped her on her journey with breast cancer
  • How what we put in and our body causes our body to struggle - and the ramifications of that
  • How to set boundaries that honor you and those in your life
  • What NOT to do when you say no to someone

You can connect with Tricia on Facebook or Instagram or you can email her at [email protected]