Grief With Grace

Scott Howard and the Illusion of Life

August 10, 2021 Lori Latimer Episode 69
Grief With Grace
Scott Howard and the Illusion of Life
Show Notes

Music can uplift us. It can comfort us. It can bring tears of joy and tears of sadness. It’s connected to some of our most cherished and profound memories. And, it can help us heal.

Scott Howard left corporate America to write, produce and sing a unique form of music using the frequency of 432 Hz, which is the frequency for healing. Little did he know that a few short years later, that music would help him on his own healing journey when his 29-year old son unexpectedly went to Spirit.

From his paranormal experiences to the healing potential of music at the correct frequency, join Scott and me for a fascinating conversation where we talked about:

  • The photographic evidence he received 3 days after his son went to Spirit
  • His awakening
  • The things he saw on the “trip” he took - without any drugs
  • What he saw in the clouds
  • His journey from corporate America to creating a new genre of music
  • Why we must raise our frequency right now
  • How the switch to 440 Hz music by the Germans in WWII affected (and continues to affect) humanity
  • What happens to digital pictures that doesn’t happen with film
  • How the Angel numbers he sees has changed
  • How he writes his music
  • Why he believes we’re all masters of survival
  • What he does with his runaway thoughts (we all have them!)
  • What happens when the Angels realize you’re listening to them
  • What scared him when he saw three beings standing up in the Sun
  • What he believes his Soul mission is
  • How frequency helps the brain heal
  • His clothing line - and the surprise incorporated into each piece
  • Why it’s so important to be careful with the words you use and what you sign
  • His experience with the Blue Kachina in Utah in 2021 when the world was shut down

Scott gifted us by playing a beautiful song, Illusions of Life, on the episode. Please support Scott and his music by  going to to see the photos he talks about throughout the episode and to and experience his beautiful music! You can also find him on Instagram.