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Grief With Grace

Lori Latimer

Grief. It’s almost a taboo word in Western society. And yet, it’s a universal human experience and comes in many forms: the loss of a marriage or job, when a cherished friend (human or pet), an aunt or uncle, sibling, Mom or Dad cross the Veil. And, if your child takes his or her last breath before you do, you’re thrown into a world that’s unimaginable and indescribable. If you’re a woman who has experienced any type of loss or trauma, and the grief that comes with it, this podcast is for you. With Grace, hope, a little tough love, and even some wit and humor along the way, this podcast will honor where you are. Join me, Lori Latimer, Psychic Healer and Intuitive Soul Navigator, as my guests and I share insights, tools, and techniques to assist you on your grief and healing journey. Every Tuesday, we’ll journey into all the dark places of grief, shining a light on them so you can integrate them rather than avoid them. The Grief With Grace podcast will inspire you to find Moments Of Joy In the Everyday so you can continue to live your life after trauma and loss, and in doing so, create a life and legacy you and your loved ones (on Earth and in Spirit), will be proud of.
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