Grief With Grace

46. From Grieving To Believing with Debbie Squizzero

April 06, 2021 Lori Latimer Episode 46
Grief With Grace
46. From Grieving To Believing with Debbie Squizzero
Show Notes

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt a connection with them deep in your Soul? My guest this week is one of those people in my life. A gifted psychic and medium, Debbie Squizzero generously shares from her Soul and uses compassion, humor and song to guide her healing work. Listen in as Debbie shares:

  • How she came to “heal one Soul at a time”
  • Her early experiences of being plugged in to a Higher Source
  • The feeling she’s had throughout her life of being “watched”
  • The “SSS Team” we all have
  • How a breakdown turned into a blessing
  • The gifts we’re all given
  • The state of being in flow for a medium
  • What she feels her job is as a medium
  • One reading that turned a skeptical bereaved father into a believer
  • How our loved ones help us from the Other Side
  • The healing I received during our conversation that’s possible for anyone through a reading
  • What a Soul Contract is - and why we have certain people and experiences in our lives
  • How we recognize members of our “Soul Family” during our human lifetimes
  • The message Spirit came through with about miscarriage and stillbirth
  • The role of choice and free will in living out our Soul Contracts
  • Why Debbie believes that the thing we resist the most is the thing we need to embrace the most
  • What happens if we don’t fulfill our Soul Contracts in this lifetime
  • The message she received from my son in Spirit that led to our upcoming virtual workshop (time sensitive, happening in May 2021)
  • The teachings she provides on her YouTube channel

You can sign up for our workshop, “From Grieving To Believing” on Debbie’s website.

She’s on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, so be sure to follow her!