Grief With Grace

49. Exploring Spiritual Awakenings and Dark Nights Of the Soul

April 27, 2021 Lori Latimer Episode 49
Grief With Grace
49. Exploring Spiritual Awakenings and Dark Nights Of the Soul
Show Notes

Spiritual what?? Dark Nights of the what?? I’m going deep into topics I love in this week’s episode! If you haven’t heard of these, if you’re skeptical, or if you think I’ve lost my mind, good!. I invite you to keep an open mind and heart. Take what resonates; leave the rest. I’ve said that for years to my clients when I was teaching about feminine energy and healing, and it applies here as well. Then, listen in as I go deep into:

  • The difference between being “awake” and being “woke”
  • What happens when you begin to awaken
  • What a box of food had to do with my early awakening
  • The link between awareness, awakening, and new levels of consciousness
  • My 3 most recent Dark Nights of the Soul
  • The ultimate question we ask on our awakening journey
  • Some of the shifts you experience when you begin to awaken
  • Why you’re exactly where you need to be, whether you understand any of the terminology I use in this episode or not
  • The opportunity we have when we experience a Dark Night of the Soul
  • A profound question I asked you to reflect and journal on

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