Grief With Grace

Ep 52 A Journey Into Consciousness with Shelly Wilson

May 11, 2021 Lori Latimer Episode 52
Grief With Grace
Ep 52 A Journey Into Consciousness with Shelly Wilson
Show Notes

This is a really fun and enlightening conversation with my friend, Shelly Wilson. We met 9 years ago when we were both vendors at a metaphysical event in Atlanta. She’s played a significant role in my life since then.

In this episode, we talk about so many things, including:

  • Shelly’s journey into consciousness
  • The pivotal experiences we each had in 2008 that were part of a big shift that occurred in the collective consciousness at that time
  • A fascinating conversation about energy, vibration, and what it means to raise our vibration
  • The choice we have when it comes to which vibration we focus on
  • The effect that certain substances have on our vibration
  • The importance of awareness in choosing what to put into your body
  • Why water is so important when you’re grieving
  • Dream visits - what they are, why some people receive them and others don’t
  • Some interesting ways our loved ones in Spirit drop in on us during our daily lives
  • The role emotions play in our ability or inability to recognize the signs our loved ones send us
  • The main thing to be aware of when you connect with a message you receive from a loved one in Spirit
  • Our role in asking for and receiving messages from our loved ones in Spirit
  • Some examples of signs our loved ones send us
  • The importance of acknowledging the signs our loved ones send us
  • What our loved ones have to adapt to when they leave this physical life
  • The difference in the energetic vibration between being cautious and being conscious
  • The limitations of language in these conversations
  • What our loved ones in Spirit want from us
  • The role contrast plays in our lives 

Shelly is an incredibly gifted intuitive medium, and this episode will inspire you and give you hope that your child or other loved ones ARE with us every day. They're still part of our lives, and Shelly shares many examples of they way do it.

You can connect with Shelly on her website, Facebook, or Instagram.

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