Grief With Grace

When It's Hard To Forgive

August 03, 2021 Lori Latimer Episode 67
Grief With Grace
When It's Hard To Forgive
Show Notes

One of the things I love is doing my oracle card Monday Messages readings on my Grief With Grace Podcast page on Facebook. Last week I noticed a theme had been coming up in many of the cards over the past month or so that inspired this week’s episode.

Forgiveness can be so hard when we’ve experienced trauma or great loss. And yet, it’s often the key that unlocks the door to deeper healing on a Soul level. In this episode I share:

  • What forgiveness really is
  • The emotions holding us back from forgiveness
  • Where we carry these emotions in our physical bodies
  • How understanding our roles in past lives can help us in forgiveness in this life
  • How forgiving ourselves as well as others is critical - and what can happen when we can’t forgive
  • How raising your consciousness can assist you in being able to forgive
  • How life on Earth is like a big play - and how we each chose our roles before we incarnated
  • How I’ve surrendered and forgiven the role that others played in my own son’s passing
  • What we can learn about forgiveness from the spiritual text “A Course In Miracles”
  • My tips on what to do when you feel you’re unable to forgive

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