Grief With Grace

Q&A On Grief, Healing, Ascension & More!

August 17, 2021 Lori Latimer Episode 70
Grief With Grace
Q&A On Grief, Healing, Ascension & More!
Show Notes

A few months ago I asked listeners to send me any questions they have around grief, healing, or anything spiritual. I’ve had some beautiful questions come in, and in this episode I share my thoughts and insights into them. I love hearing your questions because it helps me create new content for you. So, please keep the questions coming! In this episode I answered questions about:

  • Do I think there’s evil in the world or not (and can we forgive evil)
  • How free will impacts our Soul Contracts
  • Vibration - what is it, what raises it, and what lowers it
  • How I do what I do when it hasn’t been that long since my son went to Spirit
  • What can we do when our grief overwhelms us
  • Do I work with someone who isn’t a bereaved Mom

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And please keep sending me your questions so I can do another Q&A session in a few months.